Finding my voice

3) Why should I tell you?

“What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around…”  blasted the speakers in the auditorium. The  boys lead the girls, palms in palms, with the hands going in circles above the girls’ head, as they spun 4 times from left to the right side of the stage, finally striking a tango-ish promenade pose. Continue reading “3) Why should I tell you?”

2) So, which school did you guys go to?

Wilt u de bon?” (Do you want a receipt?) asked the lady at the billing counter, with an insipid smile on her face that reflected the gloomy weather outside. “Nee, dank je wel” (No, thank you.) I replied . Though my dutch is as good as my Swahili, I had picked up a few words to say at the supermarket counter. Continue reading “2) So, which school did you guys go to?”

1) Dei, I’m starting a blog…

It was a hot summer afternoon, and thanks to a day-long powercut due to maintenance issues, the stink of our sweat spread throughout the cramped classroom, multiplying our discomfort by a factor of 1000. Continue reading “1) Dei, I’m starting a blog…”

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